Policy Writing

Bigger Is Better When It Comes to Vaccine Production

Coauthors: Christopher Snyder
Wall Street Journal, March 2021. [PDF]

Three Pillars of the Economic Policy Response to the Covid-19 Crisis

Coauthors: Anil Kashyap, Ralph Koijen, and Brent Neiman
Working Paper, March 2020. [PDF]

FCA Insight Brief Description of “Quantifying the High-Frequency Trading ‘Arms Race'”

Coauthors: Matteo Aquilina and Peter O'Neill
Insight, Big Bucks from Small Change, January 2020. [PDF]

Response to ESMA’s Call for Evidence re Periodic Auctions

Response to ESMA’s Call for Evidence: “Periodic Auctions for Equity Instruments” (ESMA70-156-785), January 2019. [PDF]

Response to RFI on the Evolution of the U.S. Treasury Market Structure

Response to RFI on the Evolution of the U.S. Treasury Market Structure, Re: Notice Seeking Public Comment on the Evolution of the Treasury Market Structure (Docket No. TREAS-DO-2015-0013), April 2016. [PDF]

Comment Letter on Proposed Commission Interpretation of One Millisecond as De Minimis

Re: Proposed Commission Interpretation Regarding Automated Quotations Under Regulation NMS (Release No. 34-77407; File No. S7-03-16), April 2016. [PDF]

IEX Comment Letter

Re: Investors’ Exchange LLC Form 1 Application (Release No. 34-75925; File No. 10-222), February 2016. [PDF]

CFTC Comment Letter

Re: CFTC Concept Release — Risk Controls and System Safeguards for Automated Trading Environments, RIN 3038-AD52, February 2014. [PDF]