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Prof. Eric Budish

Paul G. McDermott Professor of Economics and Entrepreneurship
Centel Foundation/Robert P. Reuss Faculty Scholar

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Welcome to my academic webpage.

I have worked on a variety of market design issues over the years, and the organization of this webpage reflects that. You will find landing pages for my work on financial market design, combinatorial assignment (aka course allocation), blockchains and cryptocurrencies, patents and innovation, ticket markets, Covid-19 policy, and market design theory.

There is no magic formula that explains this specific collection of problems, but I tend to be drawn to issues at the intersection of economics and technology, and to problems where I feel my work can help improve real-world market institutions.

I also tend to use a fairly broad set of methodological tools. As you will see, I am primarily a microeconomic theorist at heart, but in a lot of my work data and computation play significant roles, and I try to go deep on the relevant institutional details.

You can also find a chronological listing of all of my papers as well as landing pages for policy writing and press.

Thank you for your interest in my research,

Eric Budish